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Establishing whether a freelancer fits your needs should be much, much easier than hiring a new full-time staff member.

However, since some kind of provisional contract is needed in order for an EU-based freelancer to invoice a client, it can take weeks (sometimes months) to conduct various exploratory Zoom calls and, eventually, iron out a full-fledged agreement.

With this in mind, I've drawn up a simple, one page contract format so that we can get working straight away. It's good for three consecutive, medium-sized work orders (such as an essay, blog post, etc., rather than larger orders such as white papers). After this, we'll know each other well enough to ensure that it's worth drawing up a full contract and engaging in a longer-term collaboration.

The 'Starter contract' is a Word (.docx) document that you can download here, fill in, and send back to me at

Even easier: if you provide us with the following information, we will fill the form in for you and send you a PDF signed by our company, which you can then print, sign, and send us a scan of.

- Company name
- Registered Company Address
- Company Number (not a phone number, but the registration number of your company in your country)
- Whether you are registered for VAT
- Your company's VAT number (in the event that you are registered for VAT).

Again, you can send this information in an email to, and we'll get the form straight to you.

I look forward to working with you!