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The incredible shrinking IMAX screen

Trading on a trusted name, IMAX Digital seems to be catching out a lot of cinema-goers who've been hearing word of mouth on a totally different product…

The real IMAX experience wouldn't even fit in this photo.
Martin Anderson
May 13, 2009

Word of mouth on the 'real' IMAX experience is a good one, and rightly so; I can't dissent - I love the BFI's IMAX screen at Waterloo in London, and seeing a 3D film there is about as disinvolving as the cinema experience can get - even Earthbound and non-3D movies feel out of this world on the 20-metre high screen. If you're in Mumbai in India, you can see an even bigger picture - the screen there measures 12,700 sq ft!

Screen sizes do vary amongst IMAX theatres, many of which have been custom-built to accommodate the large screen dimensions, and others of which have been adapted from pre-existing structures. Therefore, one can't go in with a measuring tape and ask for one's money back because you're getting a metre or so less in Waterloo than you are in Mumbai.

However, I was interested to be directed at this admittedly rather ferocious blog yesterday, which criticises most vocally the 'IMAX Digital' experience as offered by AMC and Regal theatres.

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