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The Den of Geek interview: Stellan Skarsgard

Stellan Skarsgard talks to Den of Geek about Waz, The Exorcist prequels, Mamma Mia, and strange comments on the IMDB.

Mr Stellan Skargard

A star in his homeland since the age of 16, Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård has enjoyed an inexorable rise in Hollywood’s estimation over the last ten years, winning acclaim - and often awards - for his work both in mainstream blockbusters such as the Pirates Of The Caribbean films (where he played the seaweed-festooned Bootstrap Bill), Deep Blue Sea, Ronin and Insomnia and also for smaller films such as Breaking The Waves and Good Will Hunting.

His new film, the dark thriller/horror Waz, finds him playing a hard-boiled detective on the trail of a sadistic maniac. It was a gruelling role, but at least, unlike his participation in the Exorcist prequel, he only had to make the film once…

Eddie Argo is very much a Popeye Doyle-style detective. Did that reverence for 1970s films like The French Connection provide an enjoyable aspect to playing the character?

I enjoyed being in that tradition, in a way, and I thought of Popeye Doyle of course, but I also thought of the character that I did in Insomnia, which was also a kind of tormented policeman, like a pressure-boiler with a lot of stuff going on and not showing it. It’s really interesting to play those characters that are not allowed to ‘show’.

Mamma Mia ! Bande-annonce