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The Den Of Geek interview: Darren Lynn Bousman

The director of Saw 2/3/4 talks to DoG about his offbeat sci-fi musical, the Saw films, and where torture-porn is going next.

Right - Anthony Head in Darren Lynn Bousman's Repo. Left - the director at work.

Darren Lynn Bousman wrote and directed the hugely successful Saw 2, in addition to directing the equally blockbusting two sequels that followed. He then departed from the franchise to pursue his longstanding personal project, Repo – The Genetic Opera, a musical work featuring Paul Sorvino, Sarah Brightman, Anthony Head and Paris Hilton.

Repo deals with an organ deprived future society where your liver or heart or kidneys may be forfeit if you don’t keep up the payments, and can be loosely described as a rock-opera...

The publicity for Repo has a very retro feel – is your obsession with body parts and genetics a tribute to grand guignol and the old Technicolor horror, or do you have something important to get off your chest on these subjects?

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