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The Den of Geek interview: Dan O'Bannon

The outspoken writer behind Alien, Total Recall and Dark Star, and the director who invented fast zombies talks to DoG - at some length!

Dan O'Bannon.

Dan O’Bannon’s projects are by now said to have collectively grossed over $1 billion for Hollywood. He originated and wrote the original Alien with Ronald Shusett, and the partnership later generated record-breaking box-office receipts via the script for Paul Voeherven’s Total Recall.

He wrote the sci-fi vampire outing Lifeforce in 1985, and later adapted a second Philip K. Dick story with the cult movie Screamers (1995).

Fast zombies? Love them or hate them, Dan O’Bannon invented them in his 1986 directorial debut Return Of The Living Dead, a hit which spawned four sequels and counting. He also did all the effects on Dark Star, some of the effects in Star Wars and has acted with Albert Finney to boot…

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