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The Den of Geek interview: Adam West

Was the Batmobile a lemon? Is the Batcape a girl-magnet? And which actors does the original Batman really rate in the new films? DoG chats with a cult legend...

The original caped crusader - Adam West!

Despite a long and uninterrupted career as a screen actor, and despite being one of the most sought-after voices in animation for movies and TV, Washington-born Adam West carved his most enduring notch in popular culture over 40 years ago as TV’s Batman, which ran for 3 seasons and 120 episodes between 1966-68, garnering plaudits, imitators, celebrity guests queuing to appear and a 1966 movie, which is scheduled for re-release in a Blu-ray edition on July 1st.

Den Of Geek was very lucky indeed to get a little time to chat exclusively with Adam, and we were delighted to find that he entirely lives up to his trademark suavity, good nature and wit. Some prefacing chit-chat about the weather led us on to talk of the show itself…

I remember that every time the Batman show had a scene in London there was always a stock shot of London Bridge in a terrible pea-souper fog.

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