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Interview: Wes Craven on Last House On The Left

One of the great horror legends chats exclusively to DoG about the remake of his controversial rape-revenge movie and Scream 4…

Wes Craven. Inset: Tony Goldwyn and Monica Potter attend daughter Sara Paxton in Last House On The Left (2009).

I heard that it took over a year to find the right director for Last House On The Left. What were you looking for in a director?

Well, we wanted someone really really skilful. It's frankly sometimes hard to find directors who really want to do a remake, so you have to convince them that they're going to have a lot of freedom and a lot of support. And then there's not that many directors out there who are really good and affordable at the budgets that we do these films at. You have to catch them just at the right moment, because those who are really talented get snapped up very quickly by the major studios.

But we were just very thorough in looking at a lot of different films and a lot of directors' work. You want to get a guy who can just look at the films and say 'this is the guy that can do it'. When we saw Hardcore [previous feature from Iliadis] we just thought, this is the guy.

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