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Interview: Kim Stanley Robinson

The author of the Mars Trilogy chats with us about his new book, AMC's adaptation of Red Mars and the future of mankind...

Kim Stanley Robinson

Kim Stanley Robinson is the author of the hugely successful Mars trilogy, which in the 1990s (with Red Mars, Green Mars and Blue Mars), lent painstaking scientific research and spiritual depth to the favourite SF theme of terraforming the red planet. The first book of the trilogy is currently being adapted for television by AMC.

In his new work Galileo's Dream, the award-winning American writer travels back to late Renaissance Italy to fill in some very unexpected background detail on the life of Galileo - who, as it transpires, was occasionally called over to the moons of Jupiter to lend advice to a future culture...

Did Galileo's Dream start out as science-fiction in the early stages, or were you considering a more abstract historical novel at any point? 

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