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Ian Hunter discusses the Hunter-Gratzner from Pitch Black

One half of the creative force behind influential miniatures and FX house New Deal looks back with us on a VERY personal spaceship...

The Hunter-Gratzner from Pitch Black (2000)
Martin Anderson
Jul 15, 2009

Together with working partner Matthew Gratzner (who we've been chatting to about the Betty from Alien Resurrection), Ian Hunter makes up New Deal, formerly Hunter-Gratzner partners, a highly-respected FX house and possibly the last place Hollywood can still turn to for 'A'-league miniature work. For the purposes of Top 75 spaceships in movies and TV, Ian took time out of working on Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island to explain to us why the spaceship in Pitch Black bears the name of himself and his cohort...

Can you tell us something about the design process and history of the Hunter-Gratzner?

I worked on David Twohy's previous film The Arrival, first doing storyboards and later building and shooting models. When [Twohy] came to us to work on Pitch Black, it was very early on; Matthew, myself and David sat in a room, and showed us the first script-pages of the Hunter-Gratzner crashing, and at the time it was just 'the spaceship', it didn't have a name yet. Originally he had specced out this delta-wing shaped ship with unfolding wings.

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