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Ed Ulbrich: Behind the extraordinary visual effects of Benjamin Button

Digital Domain's VFX wiz chats with DoG about making the impossible happen...

Ed Ulbrich amongst his team's remarkable achievements on Benjamin Button
Martin Anderson
Jul 7, 2009

Ed Ulbrich is the President of the Commercial Division of esteemed visual effects house Digital Domain, and a highly accomplished visual effects supervisor and innovator. Having worked previously with David Fincher on Fight Club and Zodiac, he once again collaborated with the director to bring to the screen an Oscar-winning milestone in visual effects - the first completely convincing, 'stare-able' digital humans, in Fincher's The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

If you're not entirely sure which parts of the film were CGI, check out Ed's jaw-dropping 18-minute presentation at TED, in order to appreciate just how much ground was broken to portray the story of a man who ages backwards, and to allow principal Brad Pitt to truly act out all the stages of his character's extraordinary life...

can you tell us about the attempt with Ron Howard in the early nineties to see if Benjamin Button's effects could be achieved with the technology of the day?

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