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Caprica/Galactica designer Richard Hudolin talks spaceships

In support of our sudden interest in screen spaceships, we chat with the man behind colonial chic...

Martin Anderson
Jul 15, 2009

Richard Hudolin has extensive experience in production design over a wide range of shows, but he does seem to have specialised a bit in science fiction over the last decade, with major contributions to the new TARDIS in the 1996 McGann Doctor Who movie, and a mind-bending stint on Battlestar Galactica. Now he's continuing to lend his talents to Caprica, so we thought we'd talk spaceships a bit with him...

What were your initial thoughts on updating the original viper from Galactica?

Well, we reinvented everything. Even the Mk.II we actually did some modifications on. We got rid of the Egyptian references and stuff like that. We just kind of elongated it a little more and made it a little more slick. Then there's the mark 9 viper, which is something that never got made. Bryan Singer was going to do Battlestar Galactica at one point. They actually set up and had an art department and started building, and they stopped when he decided he was going to take off and do something else.

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