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Blade Runner: a brief chat with Vangelis

The notoriously reclusive Vangelis granted us a few short words to talk about his work on the classic Blade Runner soundtrack.

Vangelis' Blade Runner score: classic
Martin Anderson
Dec 7, 2007

To celebrate The Final Cut of Blade Runner finally seeing the light of day, legendary composer Vangelis spared us a few minutes...

Many of your fans might have expected a synthetic, 'Beauborg'-style score for Blade Runner, rather than the rich and emotional tapestry of themes that you came up with. How concerned were you with disassociating the Blade Runner score from the bombast of Star Wars and the 'artificial' style of many previous sci-fi themes?

In order to answer your question I need a special talent that some people have to talk about their work endlessly, something I find very difficult and boring to do. So, I will just say that I did what I felt like doing at the moment I did it.

It took many years for the real Blade Runner soundtrack to be released - what were the issues you had with releasing the original score, until the final official release in the 1990s?

I do not wish to dwell on this subject; suffice to say it was not a particularly happy situation for me. But after all, I am glad that it came out when it did, even that late.

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