Artificial Intelligence

Computer Vision Projects: 7 Success Stories

Here are some of the most successful and far-ranging computer vision projects that have achieved commercial success.

The global computer vision market is currently forecast to grow from US$12,969.95 million in 2020 to US$19,398.97 million at the close of 20251. From agricultural and industrial robotics through to retail innovation,  the transformative power of computer vision software is clear from the wide range of sectors that have adopted image recognition as a core technology.

Let's take a look at seven computer vision projects across a range of markets, which have proved the power of AI-enabled image analysis to improve performance and profitability.

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Remote Competitor Analysis with Satellite Imagery and AI

The last two decades have brought such consistent improvements in the quality of commercially available satellite imagery that it is now possible to obtain extraordinarily close detail on a target location — and thereby to use image segmentation, object classification, and custom-trained machine learning models to build up data-rich timelines on otherwise inaccessible locations.

In this regard, as one might expect, the military and state sectors are agents of change: in 2017 the US government agency IARPA (Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity) released a dataset2 containing one million satellite images in support of its challenge3 to machine learning developers to create a 'Functional Map of the World' (fMoW).

The objective was to develop AI systems capable of predicting the functional purpose of buildings and the use of land over a period of time — a state/military objective which has crossed over fairly recently into business intelligence development.