About Martin Anderson


I have 15 years' experience in creating and marketing traffic-driven content, primarily in tech topics including machine learning, AI, big data and IoT.

I have been an editor on several sites, including techerati.com, denofgeek.com, intelligentautomation.network, and worked for some years as a technical editor at The Spectator (UK). I currently also contribute news daily to unite.ai.

I have freelance contracts with various tech companies and media outlets in the United States and other countries.

Prior to my writing career, I worked in full-stack development, and am now an enthusiastic ML practitioner and evangelist for the benefits of the GPU-driven machine learning revolution - while also aware of the responsibilities that come from automating critical aspects of society.

I have extensive experience not only in generating high-volume traffic, but also in marketing it via popular referral hubs. This select portfolio contains links to some of my work, and accompanying links to the conversations that they generated in popular communities.

I have managed small content teams, including on-site and remote contributors.

You are welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn.